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About Yogini Noire

Myeisha Thompson, Owner





  Myeisha Thompson, Owner



The paths to the yoga are as varied and vast as its practitioners. Like many, pain led me to the mat. Over the course of 19 years, for reasons that alternated between physical and emotional, I found myself on the mat looking for answers and solutions from the only person I could truly get them from: me!

When I began my yoga practice in 2000, I was routinely the only person of color in the room. And when I raved about my experience with yoga (specifically my favorite hot vinyasa classes,) other Black women responded with skepticism at best, or were flat-out turned off by the "weirdness" of it all.


I'm excited to report that's no longer the case!

I love looking around my classes, or at the instructors in the front of the room, and all around the internet and seeing all of the Black women who have found yoga. It brings pure joy to my heart to see by fellow yoginis shedding misconceptions and preconceived notions, creating their own paths to healing and wellness, using the physical and spiritual teachings of yoga as a guide. 


Enter Yogini Noire...

So I decided to celebrate that joy I feel when I see my sisters doing their thing and practicing! I want to celebrate our yoga journeys, provide education and resources--AND cute shirts and accessories adorned with images and mantras that represent us, as we express the strength and beauty of practicing yoga.

So let's celebrate each other. Let's educate each other. Let's elevate each other as we design and master our individual versions of health, wellness, and peace!