celebrate the beautiful journey

Through You To You

Your path to healing is as unique as your life experiences

I created the Through You To You framework for other women who are ready to:

  • scrap the one-size-fits-all approach to overcoming anxiety and depression
  • curate a personalized self-exploration experience based on curiosity, self-compassion, and evolution 
  • discover who they can be on the other side of their mental and emotional suffering


Freeing yourself starts with a decision

How do I know?

After more than 18 years of losing my battle with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, as well as crushing episodes of depression that left me unable to function for days and weeks at a time, I decided to stop depending on a silver bullet approach.

I decided that no one combination of medication or magical supplement, no one book or seminar or guru, no single physical regimen or mental hack or spiritual activity would guarantee freedom from chronic anxiety and depression—contrary to what popular approaches and Western medicine would have us think.